I’ve lived on the North Shore for eighteen years and previously lived in East Vancouver for six years. I’ve been involved in the community through my childrens’ activities, volunteer committees, and organizing community events.

I am the owner of a beverage distribution company that sells dispensed juice and drinks to institutional buyers, distributors and food service providers across Canada. I’ve been Chair of the Social Planning Advisory Committee for the City of North Vancouver, Director of DI, a youth organization, organizing hundreds of volunteers and teams in BC, and I currently volunteer as a youth high school and club volleyball coach. I’ve been an active volunteer and board member for the North Vancouver Conservative EDA and I am currently the policy chair for the riding.

I’m running because the last fours year, under the Trudeau Liberal government, has underscored the urgency of why we need to do things differently in Ottawa. Our government continues to overextend its fiscal and social intrusion. This model of government is unsustainable and will cause more harm to individuals, families and our economic well being. Further, we need a government that respects the independence of our judiciary, as this is one of the key attributes of a free and democratic society.

 I want to be part of a Conservative caucus that will focus on helping the people of Canada. I want to be part of a caucus that recognizes the contribution of free markets and the related wealth creation which strengthens our social fabric and daily lives.

We need to offer Canadians a fair and responsible taxation regime that allows Canadians to keep and grow their hard-earned wealth, while at the same time helping Canadians who are facing difficulties. We can offer a broad income boost by lessening the tax burden. This could be financed by keeping a lid on public spending growth, ending corporate welfare, and simplifying our tax codes. I’d like to be part of a caucus that works thoughtfully to provide Canadians with meaningful solutions to improve our environment. To help Canadians protect their sense of economic security in a globally competitive world, Canada needs to invest in removing barriers to opportunity.

 My commitment to you if elected is to use my experience of community involvement to make sure we make decisions that are in the best interest of Burnaby North-Seymour. 

 Antje Wilson